Ultimate Alps Tour 2012

1612km on the odometer and 1020 miles or 1641.531km on the GPS.

Day 1 Erding, Germany to Warth, Austria 159 miles or 256km

Day 2 Warth, Austria to Brunnen, Switzerland  137 miles or 220km

Day 3 Brunnen, Switzerland to Zermatt, Switzerland  151 miles or 243km

Day 4 Zermatt, Switzerland to Lugano, Switzerland 132 miles or 212km

Day 5 Lugano, Switzerland  to Bolzano, Italy 170 miles or 273km

Day 6 Bolzano, Italy - Rest or Ride day.

Day 7 Bolzano, Italy to Oetz Valley, Austria 126 miles or 202km

Day 8 Oetz Valley, Austria to Erding, Germany 144 miles or 231km